The Power In Partnership

Partnering with us goes beyond a financial commitment, and is based out of a heart relationship that takes place when in obedience people share a common vision. (see. 1 Kings 17: 10-14).

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There isn’t a more life changing aspect of obedience than when people partner together who share the common mission and draw from the same inspiration. Become a partner with Sound the Trumpet Ministries and take your place alongside Ron Campbell and others in an exciting and life changing experience. THANK YOU!


Hey Ron, Using the “private” brackets like I have done here will allow you to use membermagic to block content and downloads from unregistered users.  You could then add a streaming version of the file here as well like I have done using your audio player to allow users to listen right online, or include a download button using the membermagic plug-in to allow them to pull it down for listening later.  Any text that is here inbetween the private brackets will not show to unregistered or unapproved users (you can have user levels too).  Call me later and we can go over it, but the tutorials on the Magic Members plug-in page will give you a lot of info and show you how to get it done.  I have it all installed and working now so all we need to do for you is go in and make the changes to the settings, and upload the documents.  :))

Hello Member: please download this amazing test file!

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