Recover your Mind

HAVE YOU LOST your mind?

Can I help you find it?

By Dr. Ronald Campbell, PsyD, ThD.


Format: eBook, Print & Audio

178 Pages


Published: Sep. 14, 2021

Have You Lost Your Mind? offers you a proven step-by-step process to eliminate PTSD in your life. It’s designed to improve your life by changing toxic thinking. No more self-sabotage that keeps you from reaching your goals. No more being triggered by painful memories of the past that keep you from taking the steps you need to take to break the cycle.

About the Author

Meet Ron

Ronald Campbell served in the military in South Africa for ten years. Following that, he created a successful pharmaceutical company, before being led by the Holy Spirit to America in 1993. Since then, Ron has empowered elected officials and corporate and non-government leaders to make life-changing decisions that have resulted in personal fulfillment for themselves and their families.

eBook, Print & Audio

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Childhood Nature
Developing Nature
The Human Condition
Cognitive Distortions
Personal Truth
RAS & Blind Spots
Teleological Nature
Thoughts Matrix
Self-Talk Matrix
Avoidance Behavior & Habits
Accountability & Stewardship
Strengths & Weaknesses
Principles & Values
Purpose & Passion
Potential Matrix
Core Beliefs
The A-Team
The Road Ahead
The Proper Perspective
Affirmation Builder

“Have your lost your mind?”
shows your how to:

Unpack your problem!

Search your formative years for damaging weaknesses that have grown into lifelong hindrances.

Understand your power!

Eliminate your problem! Don’t just struggle to live with it. Replace your weaknesses with life-changing strengths.

Unleash your potential!

Change your life by merely changing your mind. Become the you that you were created to be.

Recover your Mind

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