Do you understand what’s happening? Do you know what to do?

Ron keeps you ahead of the curve his prophetic words and teachings tackle world changes and lead you deeper into God’s kingdom.

Meet Ron Campbell

“ Very rare among among contemporary prophets.”

For more than four decades, God has spoken through Ron Campbell—to government and industry leaders, as well as to the church.

“The church is weak,” said prophet John Sanford, “because we are not founded on the basis of prophets and apostles, nor is the nation.”

“Ron has a commitment to pay the heavy price required to speak hard words instead of superficial flux,” says Bishop Bill Atwood of the Nairobi Anglican Church of Kenya, “but to do it in a compassionate and gentle way.”

The Holy Spirit led Ron to America in 1993 to minister life and transformation in the office of a prophet. Since then, he has been used powerfully by the Lord, ministering healing and building up the body of Christ.

For more than four decades, God has spoken through Ron Campbell—to government and industry leaders, as well as to the church.

In 2003, the Lord directed Ron to advance his abilities into the marketplace, where he served as chief strategic officer,

consulting with Fortune 500 companies on diverse methods, executive consulting, mergers and acquisitions, as well as cyber security.

As a consultant, Ron strategically partners with his clientele to support them in achieving their goals and fulfilling their life’s calling, both personally and professionally. His practical process helps clients better understand themselves and and their employees.

Ron’s clients include the Texas legislature, U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and Life Care Medical Foundation, as well as oil corporations, technology companies, nongovernment organizations and churches.

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Online Courses


The Prophetic Path 101 is a 12-module online course that will equip you with a solid foundation in the prophetic. The function of the prophetic office is to advance the kingdom of God—preaching the kingdom, revealing the kingdom to the church and demonstrating the kingdom of God with power throughout the world.

The function of the prophetic gift is to share what God gives us to strengthen, mobilize and direct the body of Christ. This cutting-edge course begins as soon as you’re ready. So be sure to sign up now!



The MindShift journey is a twelve week transformational online course guiding you through changing how you see yourself which will change what you can achieve. MindShift gives you the tools to identify and change habits, attitudes, expectations and core beliefs that hold your back. Through our simple belief adjustment process, you can change the narrative of what has been holding you back and breakthrough those barriers to achieve your goals. Welcome to the MindShift journey.



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