God led Ron Campbell from the battlefield to the boardroom to the Throne Room

Ron Campbell was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. For ten years, he served with the South African Defense Force as leader of a special operations combat team.

This military experience provided him with a unique perspective on building and equipping teams, strategic skills he subsequently employed to develop effective, long-term performance in the corporate world.

After his military service, Ron worked in a collaborative think tank with a South African design team. Ron’s expertise helped bring innovative technology to the Department of Defense for strategic platform and weapon design for the war effort on the borders of South Africa.

When he left Armscor, Ron built a $20 million multinational pharmaceutical business, leading his team to carve out a healthy market share in a highly competitive market.

Our mission is to enable God’s people to recognize and fulfill their divine calling in Christ and to help build up the body of Christ until it reaches the fullness of Christ.

“Prophecy is about Jesus, our Redeemer, not about fortunetelling.”


A prophetic voice within the body of Christ.

The Holy Spirit led Ron to America in 1993 to minister life and transformation in the office of a prophet. Since then, he has been used powerfully by the Lord, ministering healing and building up the body of Christ.

In 2003, the Lord directed Ron to advance his abilities into the marketplace, where he served as chief strategic officer, consulting with Fortune 500 companies on diverse methods, executive consulting, mergers and acquisitions, as well as cyber security. As a consultant, Ron strategically partners with his clientele to support them in achieving their goals and fulfilling their life’s calling, both personally and professionally. His practical process helps clients better understand themselves and their environment, while bringing about a dynamic shift in perspective to affect a change and overcome challenges.

Through this process of engagement, clients experience new clarity of purpose and vision for the future, making profound life-shifting decisions that result in success, peace and joy for themselves and their employees. Ron’s clients include the Texas legislature, U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and Life Care Medical Foundation, as well as oil corporations, technology companies, non government organizations and churches. Ron Campbell is also a popular and engaging conference, seminar and keynote speaker.


Founded in 1997, Sound the Trumpet Ministries, Inc. is a not-for profit ministry that serves as a prophetic voice within the body of Christ. It’s mission is to enable God’s people to recognize and fulfill their divine calling in Christ and to help build up the body of Christ until it reaches the fullness of Christ.

God’s plan for America is contingent upon his church. But the church has been built upon a foundation of pastors and teachers, instead of upon the scriptural foundation of apostles and prophets (Ephesians 2:20). Without its apostles, the church lacks God’s master builders, and without its prophets, it lacks seers and watchmen.

Sound the Trumpet Ministries, Inc. partners with other prophetic and apostolic ministries to help restore the full five-fold ministry and biblical order to the church and empower it to transform its environment and extend God’s kingdom.