Love Redefined

Love Redefined

Love is not a what.
Love is a Who!

By Dr. Ronald Campbell, PsyD, ThD.


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180 Pages


Published: Mar. 7, 2023

We’ve always thought of love as an emotion. We use it to express how we feel about everything from family members to favorite foods.

But love is not an emotion.

Love is a Person.

Love Redefined solves the amazing mystery that our world can’t comprehend . . . and Christ-followers have all but forgotten.

About the Author

Meet Ron

Ronald Campbell served in the military in South Africa for ten years. Following that, he created a successful pharmaceutical company, before being led by the Holy Spirit to America in 1993. Since then, Ron has empowered elected officials and corporate and non-government leaders to make life-changing decisions that have resulted in personal fulfillment for themselves and their families.

eBook, Print & Audio

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“God is love.” What does that mean?
God and his children are shepherds
What Love looks like in the Song of Songs
Love and violence are not contradictions
The Trinity Model of Love
Prayer is not what you think it is
Most common abuses of Love
Portraits of Love
Continuing your journey

“Love is not an attribute of God.It is God. Whatever God is,
love is.”

~ Oswald Chambers, Run Today’s Race

Love Redefined

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