Global Eruption Book

Global Eruption


By Ronald Campbell


Format: eBook, Print & Audio

45 Pages


Published: March 15, 2021

“The Lord placed me on a ledge of the most majestic mountain I had ever seen. It ruled over all the other mountains and towered over the valleys. From my ledge, I could see the whole world, every nation and tribe. ‘What you are seeing here,’ the Lord said, ‘is the volcanic power that is to be released from Mt. Zion in the coming millennium. I have brought you up here so that you can record these events as you see them.’”

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Ronald Campbell served in the military in South Africa, when he completed his service, he created a pharmaceutical company before coming to America in 1993. Since then, Ron has empowered elected officials and corporate and non-government leaders to make life-changing decisions that have resulted in personal fulfillment for themselves and their families.

eBook, Print & Audio

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Global Eruption Book

For more than four decades, God has spoken through Ron Campbell—to government and industry leaders, as well as to the church. “The church is weak,” said prophet John Sanford, “because we are not founded on the basis of prophets and apostles, nor is the nation.”

“Ron has a commitment to pay the heavy price required to speak hard words instead of superficial flux,” says Bishop Bill Atwood of the Nairobi Anglican Church of Kenya, “but to do it in a compassionate and gentle way.”
The Holy Spirit led Ron to America in 1993 to minister life and transformation in the office of a prophet. Since then, he has been used powerfully by the Lord, ministering healing and building up the body of Christ.
For more than four decades, God has spoken through Ron Campbell—to government and industry leaders, as well as to the church.

In 2003, the Lord directed Ron to advance his abilities into the marketplace, where he served as a chief strategic officer,
consulting with Fortune 500 companies on diverse methods, executive consulting, mergers, and acquisitions, as well as cyber security.

As a consultant, Ron strategically partners with his clientele to support them in achieving their goals and fulfilling their life’s calling, both personally and professionally. His practical process helps clients better understand themselves and their employees. Ron’s clients include the Texas legislature, U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and Life Care Medical Foundation, as well as oil corporations, technology companies, non-government organizations, and churches.


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